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Dr. Paul Narguizian

Professor of Biological Sciences with a Masters degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, and a PhD in Science Education. He believes that you must engage in the world around you. Explore, look at the situation and the problem, and generate ideas contemplating possible solutions, and evolve by constantly changing and modifying your behaviors. Climate change is going to continue to happen, but we, collectively, can slow down the process by making major changes immediately.

Jordan and Karen Perry

After working in jobs that left them feeling unfulfilled, the couple retired from dominant culture to experiment in living differently. By using their white privilege in a radical way, they stepped away from dominant society and its rules and regulations to embrace life (around us) as it is offered, and working with it instead of using and changing an already proven plan. They started working together with the environment and each other.

Kolbrun Halldorsdottir

A former 10 year member of Iceland’s Parliament for the Left Green Movement, and currently the President of the Federation of Icelandic Artists and President of ECA (European Council of Artists), she has a Bachelor degree in theatre/acting and extensive experience in acting, directing, and radio. She is not only a supporter of the arts, but is an active member (holding chairs) of various boards in the cultural sector of Iceland, working to preserve and support.

Connor Hanley

Long time family friend who is in agreement with the Perry’s views. He wants to be able to grow his own food to be self sustaining, and not be dependent on dominant culture’s offerings. He wants to learn more of what will aid him in living life without buying into a corporate structure dictated by someone else. In addition to this change in lifestyle and living, he is also pursuing his passion for music.

Michael Silakowski

 He is a retired, disabled, postal worker who also has degrees in zoology and anthropology, and is working toward his master’s degree in environmental policy, law, and science. He has made it his own crusade, right now, to get people to wake up and go make the changes necessary to slow/stop the disintegration of the world we live in. It is a natural climate cycle, but the last time it occurred, there was no human civilization to erase. Now there is. What is happening is like throwing gas on a full-blown brush fire. It’s too late to tax carbon. What needs to be done is rebuild the infrastructure.